Artipak. Amazing. #Doodle #sketch (Taken with instagram)
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Via SketchBook! Stark. #TheAvengers #doodle Close enough.  (Taken with instagram)
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"I’m just a boy standing in front of a girl… asking her to love him."
created by charleslijauco
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"REALITY: Accept OR Escape" by charleslijauco
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Hooray for Today! :)
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Happy Valentine’s Day, people! Or for some it’s Happy Tuesday; bitter. 
Anyway, don’t forget to share the love! <3
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so you want to change the society?
by charleslijauco
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Be Serious. BE SINCERE.
by charleslijauco
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#SUPERBOWL is trending worldwide! Honestly, I don’t have much idea about that bowl. All I know is it’s flying. You believe that?
NO! It’s about American Football… I think?
Oh, whatever. Just fly superbowl, FLYY!!!
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Good morning, East! Good night, West! 
Have a great Monday! Spread the Love!
Okay, I’m trying to be in good mood today. I need to finish so many things today. AHHHH, but I’m alright. I can handle all these stuff. 
Oops, the people from the west are now sleeping. So SHHHHH!
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